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Scroll down below the products and use the PayPal button below.  It will give you the flexibility to set a custom amount to donate -- or -- set up easy monthly payments!   Thank you for supporting Webster!

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Whale Fund Donations: 100% Participation GOAL

We are seeking  100% participation in the Whale Fund and will begin our direct drive in September - Next Week!   Your contributions will enable us to support all the wonderful teachers and programs at Webster.   

Donations are tax deductible and wholly allocated to Webster.

Suggested donation is $700 per child, but any size donation is welcome, larger or smaller -- as our first priority is hitting our 100% participation goal!   You can donate the $700 above, or use the link below to donate another amount or set up monthly payments.

This year also marks the first year that ALL money raised in Malibu, STAYS in Malibu.   SMMEF is sunsetting and the school community is creating a Malibu focused fund - Malibu LEAD - to pay for the programs previously supported by SMMEF.  At Webster, this money supports  teacher's aides, PS Arts, music and ballroom dance.  Malibu LEAD is separate and distinct from the Webster PTA, but we do collaborate and support them.  We are voting on whether to shift our PTA Budget and Fundraising to Malibu LEAD in September.  For now, the two remain separate and Malibu LEAD is requesting $800 donation per student to go towards the $161k they need to raise for Webster.   Visit www.MalibuLEAD.org to make a donation.

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