The Many Ways to Get Involved at Webster

Become a PTA Member

Come to a PTA Meeting

Come to a PTA Meeting

Membership in the PTA gives you a voting voice in the school community.  You vote on PTA-led projects, budgets and any other large initiatives at Webster.   

Buy Memberships for Everyone in your Family HERE (note - you must be present to vote):

Come to a PTA Meeting

Come to a PTA Meeting

Come to a PTA Meeting

Join us for an update on what PTA is up to and to vote on some key budget items (you need to be a member to vote).

Meeting Dates:  9.27, 1.24, 3.22, 4.19

Time:  9:00 AM / Webster Cafeteria


Come to a PTA Meeting


We will have many opportunities to help out at school this year for any amount of time you may have. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Information

If I join the PTA, what am I committing?

A PTA Membership is a way to show your support of what the PTA is doing for the school.  The only requirement is the $15 membership fee per member - you are not committing to volunteer (although, we would like to you to).   Everyone at Webster is invited to our 4 general meetings -whether you are a member or not - but, only members can vote.   We vote on the budget, expenditures, activities and the new board members - and we want everyone to have a voice.   EVERY WEBSTER PARENT AND TEACHER SHOULD BE A MEMBER OF THE WEBSTER PTA.

If I donate to the classroom, how much should I donate to the Whale Fund?

Donations are entirely voluntary and serve to enrich the experience at Webster - and the amounts are up to you.  You can donate up to $100 to your child's classroom.   Up to $50 will be added to your teacher's set budget, anything in excess will help to fund the teacher supply budget.    We are requesting $700 per student for the Whale Fund, but are seeking 100% participation - again, to show support.   Any amount is appreciated and counts as participation.

What was the $1,500 ask on Back to School Night, and why is it so much higher than last year?

The $1,500 was a combined ask for Webster Whale Fund / Webster PTA ($700) and Malibu LEAD ($800).  The $800 per family for Malibu LEAD will pay for the staff (teacher's aides) and programs (Ballroom Dancing, PS Arts) which we enjoy at Webster - an annual cost of $161k for Webster.   Malibu LEAD is an umbrella fundraising organization for ALL Malibu Schools (replacing the efforts of SMMEF - which is now solely focused on Santa Monica as SMEF).   Malibu LEAD is a new organization and the Webster PTA is working with Malibu LEAD to make it a success.     We encourage support of Malibu LEAD with donations, expertise and time.

How do I receive the Webster Weekly Newsletter on Mondays?

The PTA sends out the weekly newsletter from  the Membership Toolkit Platform.   You will need to enter/update your information in the toolkit in order to receive the newsletter.   You can sign up here:  Be sure to set your settings to receive communications.   

How do I adopt a Classroom?

You can buy an adoption online here, in the office on the square or by check (payable to Webster PTA).   $150 of your donation is added to your teacher's set budget, and $150 is added to the Whale Fund to support enrichment across the school.   Added bonus:  A room adoption counts as Whale Fund Participation!   With an adoption/sponsorship - you get a sign on the door indicating your family's sponsorship of the room AND you will get a day on the board in front of the school (to use for birthday's, announcements).   All Rooms can be adopted (Classrooms, library, cafeteria, teacher's lounge, office) - just note the room you are adopting in the order.

How did the PTA buy the air conditioners?

Last year, a parent asked the PTA Board if there was anything that could be done about the heat in the classrooms.   In speaking with the principal, we learned that central air is scheduled for installation in the summer of 2020.   The Board decided we needed an interim solution, consulted with the district on the best units, secured principal approval and voted to use $10,000 in reserve funds to purchase air conditioners for the rooms.   The vote was unanimous and was brought to the general membership who also voted it through.   We tested 3 air conditioners, then it cooled off - and then the fires.   The funds were committed, so at the start of this year we secured and installed the remaining units.    At the end of this year, once central air installation is confirmed, we will sell the 22 units and recoup some of the funds.

How do I submit a question?

Just e-mail us at


The PTA Board & Chairs - Who we are and what we do


The 2019-2020 PTA Board

The board is the oversight committee for the chairs and general PTA.  We meet monthly, oversee our respective areas and act as the liaison with teachers, parents, administration, community and PTA Council to shepherd the funds raised into the school according to the approved budget.    This is your 2019-20 Board:

  • President:  Karin Al-Hardan
  • Vice President:  Heather Campi
  • Admin VP: Ilda Jacobsen
  • Treasurer: Jesse Muchmore
  • Auditor:  Jessica Copenhaver
  • Fundraising VP's: TBD (E-Mail us if you are interested!)
  • Recording Secretary: Denise O'Connor
  • Communications VP: Karen Porat
  • Financial Secretary: Anne Burkin
  • VP Family Programs and Student Programs: Zoe Shapiro & Lisa Kasefff
  • Parliamentarian: Britt Elizondo
  • Historian: Mia Skelton
  • Community Liaison:  Catherine Brickman

The PTA Chairs

The chairs are responsible for specific areas overseen by the board. They build a team, abide by the budgets, plan and execute for their specific area.  These committees are a great place to start if you'd like to get involved!  Just reach out to the chair or send an email below and we'll forward to the appropriate lead.   THESE ACTIVITIES / EVENTS CANNOT HAPPEN WITHOUT A CHAIR AND VOLUNTEERS!


  • Adopt a Class: TBD
  • Ad Sales: TBD
  • Holiday Boutique: Sara Kim
  • Book Fair: TBD
  • Whale Fund: TBD
  • Jog a thon: Catherine Brickman, Zoe Shapiro, Ashley Adams 
  • Evening Event: Jessica Copenhaver and Zoe Shapiro
  • Spirit Wear: Laura Angotti, Candice Maderosian, Jesse Muchmore


  • Halloween Parade:  Laura Angotti  & Candice Marderosian
  • Camp out: Zoe Shapiro
  • Multicultural Day: Karen Porat
  • Talent Show: Ulf and Neda Soderquist & Ben Bryan
  • Parent Nights (Bingo, Art, Movie, etc.): Zoe Shapiro & Lisa Kaseff
  • Science Month AKA STEAM YEAR & Caine’s Arcade: Karin Al-Hardan
  • Summer Reading: TBD
  • 5th Grade Graduation: TBD
  • Gardening Club: TBD
  • Math Club: Karen Porat
  • Class Trips Liason: TBD


  • Facebook page: Karen Porat
  • Room Reps: Karen Porat
  • Teacher Appreciation Week: TBD
  • Reflections Contest: Karen Porat
  • Hospitality: TBD
  • First Day Fair: Jessie Muchmore
  • Kinder Round up : Jessica Copenhaver
  • Parent Ed/Speaker: TBD
  • Lost and found: TBD
  • Yearbook Photoshop and Art Editor: TBD
  • Yearbook Administrator: TBD
  • Yearbook Photographers: Maile Mason, Jessica Butler Bell, Mia Skelton
  • Disaster Preparedness: TBD
  • Safety Committee/Student Drop Off Zone: Heather Campi


  • Bulletin Boards:  Mia Skelton
  • Media:  Karen Porat & TBD
  • HSA: TBD
  • E-news: Sara Kim 
  • Website: Karin Al-Hardan
  • PTA directory: Karin Al-Hardan & Sara Kim
  • Boys & Girls Club Liason: TBD