PTA MEETING #3: "A Year in Review & Looking Forward" + Volunteers Breakfast & HSA Awards!

As we close out the year, we'll share a recap and report card of the PTA's work this year and introduce next year's board.   Followed by a celebration of our wonderful volunteers and Honorary Service Award Recipients.

WHEN:  Friday, May 17th - 9-10:30AM

WHERE:  Cafeteria

WHAT:  Meeting (Agenda Below) + Volunteer Breakfast + HSA Awards

PTA Meeting Agenda:  9:00AM - 9:45AM

9:00 AM        Welcome, Adopt Minutes & Agenda 

9:01 AM        Treasurer’s Report 

9:05 AM        President & Board’s Report 

PTA Scorecard and 2018-19 Highlights from the board to help

illuminate the work well done!:

  • VP Report
  • Admin VP Report
  • Fundraising Report
  • Parliamentarian Report 
  • Family Program Report
  • Historian Report
  • Minutes Secretary & Financial Secretary & Treasurer

9:20 AM        Principal’s Report

9:30 AM        Update on the Combined Malibu Fundraising starting this Fall

9:40 AM        Introduce & VOTE (PTA Members only) in the incoming Board

9:45 AM        Meeting Adjourns

HSA AWARDS:  9:45 - 10:15

  • Outstanding Teacher:  Pamela Held. 
  • Outstanding Administrator:  Patrick Miller
    • Both to be presented by Michael Prockiw
  • Very Special Persons:  PJ & Danielle Morra
    • To be presented by Laura Angotti & Candice Marderosian
  • HSA:  
    • Michael Prockiw-Kline
      • To be Presented by Connie Jenkins
    • Karen Porat
      • To be presented by Tatiana Goode
    • Tatiana Goode
      • To be presented by Karen Porate
    • Bobbi Woodman
      • To be presented by Karin Al-Hardan
  • Golden Oak:
    • Connie Jenkins
      • To be presented by Karin Al-Hardan

Mingle Time!:  10:15-10:30AM

PTA MEETING #2 "Everything "Webster PTA" You Need to Know!"

As we head towards the end of the school year, we'd like to share the a top line of what to prepare for and expect so you can plan ahead and not feel overwhelmed! We would also like to share what we can to encourage some new parents to to step up and into these leadership roles in the coming years!

WHEN:  Friday, January 25th - 9AM - 10AM

WHERE:  Library

WHAT:  Meeting (Agenda below) + Breakfast by Hospitality Team

  • Call To Order at 9AM, we commit to start and end on time.
  • Review Minutes from 9.21 Meeting and adopt (Can be found in Blogs Here)
  • Officer's Reports:  

  1. Treasurer's Report
  2. President Report (2018 Recap) 

  • VP, Family & Student Programs Update with chairs (when present)

  1. Family Art Night & International Potluck Dinner information (1.29): Overview
  2. Science Night (2.12):  Overview
  3. Family Camp Out (5.11-5.12): Overview and what to expect.
  4. Caine's Arcade (5.31):  Overview and expectations for parents. 
  5. Fifth Grade Graduation (6.10):  Overview of events and help needed.
  6. Gardening Club, Green Team, Food Team - update on plans

  • VP, Fundraising updates on upcoming events

  1. Evening Event (3.23):  Initial plans for the event and date.
  2. Spirit Wear & Whale Cards: Overview of these initiatives and how they support the school.

  • Admin VP Overview of initiatives

  1. Year book 2018:  Deadlines
  2. Teacher Appreciation Week:  The plans
  3. Healthy School Lunch Programs
  4. Recycling / Green Team

  • Special Guest:  Elsie Carillo

  1. Girl Scouts Update


PTA MEETING #1 - "A Focus on Funds"

WHEN:  Friday, 9.21 | 9-10AM*

WHERE:  Webster Cafeteria

WHAT:  Meeting (Agenda below) + Breakfast by Hospitality Team

* Please drop off, then drive around and come back at 9 to park - so other can easily drop off.   We'll start by 9:15 and aim to end by 10:15 at the latest.


Friday, September 21st 


Webster Cafeteria


  1. Welcome & Meeting Agenda Review – (Karin Al-Hardan) 2 minutes
  2. Financial Report (Karin Al-Hardan for Connie Jenkins) – 3 minutes
  3. Principal’s Report (Patrick Miller) – 5 minutes
  4. Special Guest: Craig Foster – Measue M & The Malibu Fund – 5 Minutes
  5. Report of the Executive Board – Action Items / Votes (Karin Al-Hardan - See Votes Below)
  6. PTA Highlights – What happened & What’s coming Up – 10 Minutes
  7. Membership Questions and Close 

VOTES:  Note: Only existing PTA members can vote.

1. Adoption of the 2018-19 Budget

2. Bond Measure M Support

3. Malibu Schools Fund

4. Teacher Wish Lists

5. Maker Space Funding

6. Air Conditioner Allocation

7. New Bulletin Boards

See the Meeting Recap in the blog - Here  

The Many Ways to Get Involved at Webster

Become a PTA Member

Membership in the PTA gives you a voting voice in the school community.  You vote on PTA-led projects, budgets and any other large initiatives at Webster.   Please:

  1. Join the PTA Below
  2. Come to the PTA Meetings (9.21, 1.25, 3.22)

Click the button below to go to MySchoolAnywhere to buy a Membership


Come to a PTA Meeting

Join us for an update on what PTA is up to and to vote on some key budget items (you need to be a member to vote, sign up via the button the the left).    

2018-19 PTA General Meetings:

Friday, September 21, 2018

Friday, January 25, 2019

Friday, May 17, 2019


We will have many opportunities to help out at school this year for any amount of time you may have.  If you are interested, please check out the volunteer page for opportunities!  We will be adding throughout the year.

Find out more

The PTA Board & Chairs - Who we are and what we do


The PTA Board

The board is the oversight committee for the chairs and general PTA.  We meet monthly, oversee our respective areas and act as the liaison with teachers, parents, administration, community and PTA Council to shepherd the funds raised into the school according to the approved budget.    This is your 2018-19 Board:

  • President:  Karin Al-Hardan
  • Vice President:  Heather Campi
  • Admin VP: Tatiana Goode
  • Treasurer: Connie Jenkins
  • Auditor:  Dave Karsh
  • Fundraising VP's: Ashley Adams & Sara Kim
  • Recording Secretary: Brian Goldberg
  • Communications VP: Sara Kim
  • Financial Secretary: Anne Burkin
  • Auditor: Dave Karsh
  • VP Family Programs and Student Programs: Michael Prockiw
  • Parliamentarian: Jessie Muchmore
  • Historian: Bobbi Woodman and Karen Porat

The PTA Chairs

The chairs are responsible for specific areas overseen by the board. They build a team, abide by the budgets, plan and execute for their specific area.  These committees are a great place to start if you'd like to get involved!  Just reach out to the chair or send an email below and we'll forward to the appropriate lead.


  • Adopt a Class: Ashley Adams & Sara Kim
  • Ad Sales: Anne Burkin
  • Holiday Boutique: Ashley Adams & Sara Kim
  • Book Fair: Heather Campi
  • Whale Fund: Ashley Adams & Sara Kim
  • Jog a thon: Ashley Adams and Sara Kim
  • Evening Event: TBD
  • Spirit Wear: Laura Angotti, Danielle Morra, Candice Maderosian, Jesse Muchmore


  • Camp out: Michael Prockiw
  • Multicultural Day: Tatiana Jacobs and Karen Porat
  • Talent Show: Ulf and Neda Soderquist
  • Parent Nights (Bingo, Art, Movie, etc.): Michael Prockiw-Kline
  • Red Ribbon Week: Karin Al-Hardan 
  • Science Month AKA STEAM YEAR & Caine’s Arcade: Connie Jenkins and Karin Al-Hardan
  • Summer Reading: TBD
  • 5th Grade Graduation: TBD
  • Gardening Club: TBD
  • Math Club: Karen Porat
  • Class Trips Liason: TBD


  • Facebook page: Tatiana Goode
  • Room Reps: Tatiana Goode
  • Teacher Appreciation Week: Kimberly Haynes and Les Steinmetz
  • Reflections Contest: Tatiana Goode and Karen Porat
  • Hospitality: Annestasia Rivard 
  • First Day Fair: Karin Al-Hardan
  • Kinder Round up : Tatiana Goode
  • Parent Ed/Speaker: TBD
  • Lost and found: TBD
  • Yearbook Photoshop and Art Editor: Nicole Hammacher and TBD
  • Yearbook Administrator: TBD
  • Yearbook Photographers: John Polito, Brian Goldberg, Nicole Hammacher, Eric Cotsen
  • Disaster Preparedness: TBD
  • Safety Committee/Student Drop Off Zone: Heather Campi


  • Bulletin Boards:  Heather Campi & TBD
  • Media:  Heather Campi & TBD
  • HSA: TBD
  • E-news: Sara Kim
  • Website: Karin Al-Hardan
  • PTA directory: Karin Al-Hardan
  • Boys & Girls Club Liason: TBD


The Opportunities

Whether you have an hour to spare, or a week - please reach out and get involved.

Feel free to reach out to any of the committee chairs if those areas interest you, or check in on volunteer needs and sign up to help.