HELP WANTED: Unpaid positions that will bring you joy


MALIBU FESTIVAL Planning Committee

This is the 3rd Annual Malibu Festival and it will take place at Webster this year.   There is a lot to plan in a short amount of time - but, our plan is to copy what has worked in the past and keep it as simple as possible.   

We need help with:

> Sponsorship Outreach:  Find business & parent sponsors  to help underwrite the event.

> Event Planning:  Food and Game planning - securing and organizing vendors.

> Volunteer Organizing:  We need volunteers to run the games and help with the event.

> Entertainment:  We work with Arts Angeles to get High School students, but can also look for entertainment within the community.

Please E-Mail Webster PTA if you'd like to help or find out more:


We have several board members whose children graduate this year....which leaves us with several openings!!

Joining the board is a great way to help guide the involvement and focus of the PTA in your child's school.   

Commitment is:

> 1 Board meeting / month (typically 1st Thursday morning) to plan forward.

> Oversight of committees under your position.

We have several members staying on - but, willing to move around if there is a role that interests you.   Board positions include:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Treasurer
  4. Auditor
  5. Family Engagement VP
  6. Communications VP
  7. Protocol VP
  8. Recording Secretary
  9. Parlimentarian
  10. Admin VP
  11. Fundraising VP
  12. Financial Secretary
  13. Historian

Please contact Jesse Muchmore for information: 

STUDENT DROP OFF ZONE - 30 minutes in the morning

This is an easy and fun "micro-volunteering" opportunity.  Sign up for for one morning here or there (there is an 'ad hoc' sign up option, just add the day you'll be there in the notes), one morning every week or every day - we'll take it!  Greet the happy parents driving in and help open doors, grab backpacks to keep that line moving!  8:15-8:45 M/T/TH/F and 9:30-10:00 on Wednesday.  

Great for parents who have limited time, love cars and/or want to meet lots of parents and students really quickly!   

Opportunities to help include:

  1. Joining the committee and helping regularly (1X week, 1X month, etc.)
  2. Helping out just once, when you find yourself free before 9 or 10AM one day (sign up, or just park and help).

Heather Campi is the new chair of this committee (Thank you, Heather!!)

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Have volunteer ideas? We want to hear from you...

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