Valet Committee

Valet Committee

Valet Committee

Volunteer for 30-45 Minutes in the morning to help open doors and keep the drop off line moving.   Great Way to "Speed-Meet"  Other Parents!   Sign up for 1 day/week (or more).

Yard Duty

Valet Committee

Valet Committee

Volunteer for an hour during lunch to monitor the yard during lunchtime recess to keep students safe and happy.   Great way to brush up on your basketball skills!  Sign up for 1 day/week (or more).

Office Help

Photography Committee

Photography Committee

Spend an hour in the office in the morning to help with ouchies and questions from parents.   This is a great way to get to know how the front office keeps Webster running so smoothly throughout the year!   Sign up for 1 day/week (or more).

Photography Committee

Photography Committee

Photography Committee

We need parents to help document all the events throughout the year for the yearbook, website, social media and press!   Maile Mason has offered to chair this committee - it's a great way to meet like-minded parents!


Volunteer Opportunities

The committees below need chairs - someone to lead the charge in organizing a team of volunteers around the event.   Send us an e-mail if you are interested in any of these committees (as chair or volunteer) at websterptamalibu@gmail.com.  If there is a chair listed and you want to help - reach out to them directly!  

CHAIRS:  The chairs are responsible for specific areas overseen by the board. They build a team, abide by the budgets, plan and execute for their specific area.  These committees are a great place to start if you'd like to get involved!  Just reach out to the chair or send an email below and we'll forward to the appropriate lead.   THESE ACTIVITIES / EVENTS CANNOT HAPPEN WITHOUT A CHAIR AND VOLUNTEERS!


  • Adopt a Class: TBD
  • Ad Sales: TBD
  • Holiday Boutique: Sara Kim
  • Book Fair: TBD
  • Whale Fund: TBD
  • Jog a thon: Catherine Brickman, Zoe Shapiro, Ashley Adams 
  • Evening Event: Jessica Copenhaver and Zoe Shapiro
  • Spirit Wear: Laura Angotti, Candice Maderosian, Jesse Muchmore


  • Halloween Parade:  Laura Angotti  & Candice Marderosian
  • Camp out: Zoe Shapiro
  • Multicultural Day: Karen Porat
  • Talent Show: Ulf and Neda Soderquist & Ben Bryan
  • Parent Nights (Bingo, Art, Movie, etc.): Zoe Shapiro & Lisa Kaseff
  • Science Month AKA STEAM YEAR & Caine’s Arcade: Karin Al-Hardan
  • Summer Reading: TBD
  • 5th Grade Graduation: TBD
  • Gardening Club: TBD
  • Math Club: Karen Porat
  • Class Trips Liason: TBD


  • Facebook page: Karen Porat
  • Room Reps: Karen Porat
  • Teacher Appreciation Week: TBD
  • Reflections Contest: Karen Porat
  • Hospitality: TBD
  • First Day Fair: Jessie Muchmore
  • Kinder Round up : Jessica Copenhaver
  • Parent Ed/Speaker: TBD
  • Lost and found: TBD
  • Yearbook Photoshop and Art Editor: TBD
  • Yearbook Administrator: TBD
  • Yearbook Photographers: Maile Mason, Jessica Butler Bell, Mia Skelton
  • Disaster Preparedness: TBD
  • Safety Committee/Student Drop Off Zone: Heather Campi


  • Bulletin Boards:  Mia Skelton
  • Media:  Karen Porat & TBD
  • HSA: TBD
  • E-news: Sara Kim 
  • Website: Karin Al-Hardan
  • PTA directory: Karin Al-Hardan & Sara Kim
  • Boys & Girls Club Liason: TBD


Want to Be a Chair? Have GREAT ideas? We want to hear from you...

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